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Corner/Grave Markers

Corner/Grave Markers Work Samples

Click one of the images below to view a large copy of the stone. The caption specifies the cemetery in which the monument is set. 

By clicking on the image, you will also be able to view the granite color of the stone. 

When viewing the image, click on the left or right edges to scroll forward and back through all images.

Dunham Cemetery-Waynesburg, Kentucky


The Foot Markers for Padgett Lot

Marker Size:  4 x 8

Color:  Gray

Cemetery-Olive Cemetery-Waynesburg, Kentucky

Padgett Markers

Size:  4 x 4

Color:  Gray

The Foot Marker of Sherman Lowell Sowers

Marker Size:  4 x 8

Cemetery:  Wall Cemetery-King Mountain (Casey County), Kentucky

The Marker of D.N. Withers

Marker Size:  4 x 8

Granite Color:  Gray

Cemetery-Eubank Cemetery-Eubank, Kentucky

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